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looking back to a simple life

Nowadays, we are all so focused on our mobile phone and computers, that we as human beings are lacking the what we call “human interaction”. May I ask you, when was the last time, you really sat down as a family and ate your dinner together? without your phones beside you or on the table? My answer would be, I can no longer remember.. sad isn’t it because we are all too consumed by modern day technology.

I recall the days when we really didn’t need these stuff, when we all depended on was reading the newspaper, when we want to call someone, we just called them over the telephone.

Yes! time is still time, yet how we use the time to our advantage, that is the question.

I for one, is questioning everything right now, what can I do to not rely solely on the internet, to the use of my mobile phone, how can we do simple things in this modern day times. I find too much information, too bombarding, that I really miss, true conversations over the phone or in person.

Even topics have become too shallow, it’s all focused on oneself, not on how to improve more, how we can add value to our society.

So there, I am just letting out some thoughts in my mind, let me know yours as well 🙂 comment below

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