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Watch “Fight in God’s Power – Bong Saquing” on YouTube



Today, well yesterday to be exact, Sunday, 25th of August, I wasn’t able to attend our Sunday service, because I had to stay at home and have a bonding time with my family.

Since I missed the preaching for today, i was hoping of hearing it again, during our cell group meeting on Saturday, but.. this evening, I was watching Hansel and Gretel, then some voice said to me to do my daily devotion, and so I read/listen to http://www.biblegateway.com, I continued from where I left , Luke 1-8. I really couldn’t imagine that i have read and listened to almost 7 chapters, and so i said, i guess that is enough for today, but nooooo… I opened Youtube and typed Bo Sanchez, so i clicked on his preaching on June 16, 2013, listened and even wrote down notes about it.

All I can say is.. Wow! God spoke to me thru him, and i feel so blessed on hearing this; I guess when temptation comes, you just have to fight it, ask God for guidance and the courage to throw away negative stuff in your mind, heart and soul, and HE will cleanse you of all the things. :]

I just feel so blessed upon hearing the message that God want me to see, and ive learned so much from it, I think God didn’t want me to miss a Sunday, without knowing HIS words and promises to me, to US.

Thank you God for showing me everything, for the blessings, and for using other people to let other people hear your words, O Lord.


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