I got hurt again.. :(

I fell on my bike again.. yes AGAIN.
because of my stubbornness, I got bruised again… but because of this, i still Thank God, because He protected me from something bigger.

Lesson learned.

God allows trials in life, not to harm us, but for His glory to unfold in our lives. He sees the bigger picture, so if you think, you’re in a dark place right now, think again, in my opinion, He is protecting you right now, He doesn’t want you to get hurt. You may think it is unfair, but hey, we’re in the world. He wants us to emerge victorious in every situation. He is molding us, pruning to perfection.



Masungi Georeserve Experience

It is situated in the mountains of Rizal.

Baras, Rizal Baras is located in the island of Luzon, close to Metro Manila. The municipal’s name was derived from the word “barras” referring to the two pieces of wood where a horse is harnessed in between. Another version takes the name from the word “barahan” used in sea ports referring to “a place of anchorage.” Today, Baras takes focus on growing itself as an organic town. It is also the home of Sikaran – known as a form of traditional Philippine Martial Arts.  

Source: http://www.masungigeoreserve.com/destination/the-area/

A definite must go to see place ❤ though it’s a bit hard for me at first, because i had to conquer my fear of heights, by height meaning the pathways that you are walking on is not flat, so that made it even harder for me to walk, but all in all experience, +1 for me

Here are the photos that were taken at the place


It is the end and a new beginning

I seldom show my feelings, I cannot even express or show it to people. So I put it into writing.

Just today, we gathered all for a very special person in our hearts, even though we’re not blood-related, but still, i see him as a Father figure, because I grew up without a Father beside me.

I can see in his eyes, the sincerity in every word and the love that he can only show to those close to him and most especially to his family. He does little things, in everything, but those little things when added up, can mean so much to a person.

and for that, I was one of those people who he has touched through that small things, like “krystle, kumain ka na?”

To Daddy Boots, thank you for treating me like family. Yun na pala huli nating pagkain na magkasama, yung inuubos natin yung fruit salad, leche flan at yung cathedral na tawag ko na puro gelatin.

Maraming magbabago, pero alam po namin na nandiyan ka gumagabay lagi.

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