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entry – April 12, 2019

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this is a continuation of the blog I put up last week entry – april 4, 2019 

have you over felt overwhelmed by thoughts and things at the same time, that you don’t know what to do first, or do next?? Have you?

This is what I have experienced for the past 2 weeks because I was left alone, in charge of the operations in my boss’s business, mind you, I was only a month old in the business.. so I am not yet familiar with the workflow. My senior had to take a 2 weeks long vacation, so there.. ( i changed my perspective in this matter, and just thought I helped him have the vacation that he wants)

So to sum it up, throughout those 2 weeks span, I learned to be patient and cool-headed, and just leave the things I couldn’t handle to GOD. Everyday when I wake up, I always do my devotion and pray to God to guide me through this day, and this week, and so He did, truly God is our strength in our weaknesses, you may feel you’re alone, but He is with you ALWAYS, you just have to be aware of His presence everyday, have a conversation with Him, that is how you will see His power in reality.

I have learned to depend on God, and God alone, because without Him, i cannot do it all, I might have cried already because i didn’t know what to do next, i was overwhelmed, but in knowing God, He gives you peace, and assures you that He will never leave you, nor forsake you.

To Him all the Glory alone! Thank you Lord for strength and patience you have given us.


entry – april 4, 2019

this is the day that i felt a little overwhelmed by work, i didn’t have time to think everything thoroughly which resulted in making a mistake in what i was doing, not to mention the material i wasted in doing so..

as i reflect on this day, i realized that i should be more aware of the time i am consuming in doing a task, i must keep it to a maximum of 20mins per task, because that is not the only task that i will be doing in a day. ( I REPEAT! DO NOT TAKE LIKE AN HOUR IN DOING 1 TASK) you can ask immediately if you are not sure of something (overcome your fear of asking — this is what i need to improve on) because that will only delay your work.

Work with efficiency. strive to improve everyday. WE MAKE MISTAKES, but let it be a challenge, a stepping stone to make decisions more effective in the future.



to be continued…

a month ago

it was a month ago that I decided to live alone, and.. guess what? it was one of my best decisions ever, but it comes with a consequence, and that is #adulting you are all on your own, your own decision and yourself to blame.

but since i started living alone, i must admit, i was scared and hesitant, but I said to myself, I needed this in order to grow, to leave that comfort zone! because I was always on the loop in my life, I want that to CHANGE!

Change is the only constant thing in this world. I know living alone is really scary, but it made me aware of what I have to do in a daily basis, because what i’ll be doing affects my future.

hmm… this is all i can say for now..

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