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i don’t know what to name this blog

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what to do..? am i on the right track, still? I am just like riding the waves without a goal. should i make another goal, or pursue the goal in mind.



The inevitable..

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No.. this is not a blog about The Avengers: Endgame, oh by the way? Have you guys watched it already? How was it? Leave a comment down below about your reviews. Anyways..

seriously.. I am writing to you these words right now, 2:11am in the morning, because i cannot sleep, maybe it’s because of the Coke that i drank earlier, or the coffee before that. Hmm.. here I am typing away all that is in my head, while listening to this playlist i dunno, there is something about listening to classical songs, that relaxes my mind, helps me think, Oh and did i mentioned that I am typing early this morning.

You know, nothings bothering me, but I can’t seem to keep my life straight, or is it really because I don’t have a goal and focus to pursue that goal..?

I don’t know.. how do you deal with these thoughts.. ?? you know what’s good about blogging, is that you don’t know who will read it, random people perhaps, from different parts of the world.

Ok..focus.. first off i have to brush off my rusty old skills, and upgrade. know the trends and be informed of the latest news. Second, know what software I am most proficient it, or good at, and enhance it more, watch tutorials online (there are lots, i must say, so pick a good one). Third, know what aspect of graphic design you should focus on, is it, creating a facebook cover, a youtube cover, maybe twitter? I dunno, up to you.. so when you’re done with that. Practice Practuce, then when you see that you are able to improve, move on to the next,.. how about. t-shirt designing (this topic is actually broad, because it will depend on your Niche..

Or maybe i just have to study first business ad.. then move on to designing.. so that i would know the principles of doing business, then i can properly align my skills to it..

Hmm..ok.. that’s about for today.. have said everything right now..

and probably when i will look back at this post of mine, hoping that i will LMAO! because the time that i will look back, is because i have improved already.

God.. help and guide me.

ride the waves

ride the waves of life

sometimes you have to stay strong amidst the currents, the rise and fall of the waves because after that, you know it will be calm again…

PS: I am available for small design tasks, PM is the key.

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