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Thank you 2018

Thank you 2018 for a year full of struggle, pain, frustrations, rejections and all those mixed emotions, which only made me realize how blessed I am, who my true friends are, thru the ups and downs, what i am capable of doing more.

I look forward to 2019 with more of these experiences, which will mold me to who God wants me to be, Thank you Lord, for still i see my family every single day, my friends and loved ones! THANK YOU THANK YOU!


El Yu 2018

Last travel for the year 2018.

Hello everyone! i know i haven’t been updating this site, because i only post those that are shared memories.

So last December 15-16, me and my friends went on an annual travel and this time, we chose La Union, or so called by millenials, now as Elyu!

We stayed at Yang Hostel visit their page for full reviews, but for me i give them a 5/5 !

Enjoy the photos!


3 mos.. but i’m not counting..

Last May 12, marks my 3rd month at work, I must say that this work, made me think through things a lot. It has helped me learn about humility, discipline and even more, PATIENCE. For my friends, they know i studied design, but at my work, i don’t even do design. All i face everyday is papers.. and lots of it 😀 I admit, i didn’t see this happening, but i had this gut feeling of applying either way, and I got the position, set aside the salary and benefits, the environment is very relaxing and stress may come at times, but not most of the time.

I am with new people again, new faces and attitudes to deal with ! 😀 hahaha..

but overall, even though this work is routine for some, i find it challenging because at the end of each month we had to reach a certain numbers for sales, so that’s a bonus!

and I thank God, i now open my eyes as to why He has put me there, everyday i try to see it in His perspective why.. I now know I can face each day with Him by my side.

Thank you God! I know and believe you have a purpose, and i just have to find out what it is.

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