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WordPress 102: Where to Get Awesome Photos for Your Blog FREE

Originally posted on Fairen Fields: Welcome to “WordPress 102.” This is an intermediate level blog series that is helpful to WordPress users. We cover topics such as: Guest-blogging Adding users to your blog Where to get free photos Responding to negative comments And more! Please feel free to leave your questions and comments below (or…

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benefits of reading..


Honestly speaking, I’m a person who doesn’t enjoy reading.. but i remembered back when I was a kid, I read this book, titled ” The Mystery in Cherry Corners” and that one really caught my attention. I didn’t see that book again, and that was the first and last book that i read from start to finish.

what I am getting at now is that my goal for this year is to focus more on reading, adding knowledge and vocabulary.. because that is my weakness and i want to overcome it, and be successful at it, or at least add it to my routine.

So now, since I have that goal, I am specific about the books that i want to purchase, something that is inside my interest. so here is a set of the books that I purchased.


I’ve added an article for the benefits of reading..

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