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Join the #FiftyPesosFriday Movement!

Do you know what time it is? It’s time for Fifty Pesos Friday!

Join the #FiftyPesosFriday Movement!
As little as Fifty Pesos helps feed an animal in need.

Share your blessings with over 500 homeless animals at PART’s Paws and Claws Animal Sanctuary, a true no-kill sanctuary, located in San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan. We are home to rescued cats, dogs, and several farm animals!

Singkwenta pesos lang kada Biyernes!

Donations can be sent via:

PayPal email at
Please mark it for #FPF

Philippine Animal Rescue Team (PART Inc)
Checking account #0421-0757-86
Please email a copy of the deposit slip to
and mark it for #FPF.

For tax-deductible donations for US residents or to sponsor one of our cats or dogs, please visit our website at

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Make this go viral so everyone can see

Make this go viral so everyone can see

I don’t have any words to describe what they do to these animals.

are you passionate about those little cute animals on the streets?

Here’s how you can help, wether you’re outside the Philippines or not.

In the Philippines, we have Local Government Units, who take care of animals that are either picked up from the streets or basically sent to the office for adoption.

I on the otherhand, want to help and support these LGU, in their goal to save animals, from different parts of the country.

If you are interested? Kindly visit their website for more details 🙂

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