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birthday special~


here’s a little background on how we both 3 met.

Jen, the one at my back was my classmate during college back in 2004. We weren’t really that close and we seldom talk to each other about stuff, because she was more girly than me hahaha.

Ciarra, on the other hand, I met her in an online site called deviantArt way back 2008, because I got amazed by her artworks.

Little did I know that Jen and Ciarra became classmates at a fashion school. So when there was a time that we were about to meet, the 3 of us, Jen suddenly asked how I met Ciarra, and the rest is history.. hahaha

2012 was the year, September 2. They decided to talk to me about life and my spiritual life, and i guess that’s where it all started.

We occasionally meet when our schedules meet, but when we do, we make sure we make most of the time. We parted ways but God always has ways to lead us 3 back together, and every time with a firmer purpose.

Thankful to have met these two ~ 🙂 ohh and Happy Birthday, Cia!



Selflessness, the act of sacrificing one’s own interest for the greater good

This is a big word for me now, I realize that humility and selflessness go together.

You deny yourself, all of your pride etc.. just for the sake of someone or something.

Thats what God did, He sacrificed himself for us, for the greater good of mankind. Although, nowadays, people don’t really read the Bible. I must admit, i haven’t read the whole Bible yet, but I know by the grace of God, and by His strength, I can !

Selflessness, sacrificing everything for somebody else. That is Love there.

I just want to blurt this out, and maybe you my readers can relate to it as well.

God bless everyone!, and i leave you with this verse from the Bible.

Jeremiah 29:11.

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