Finding The One

have you found your “The One” ?

Journey and Journals

“The One” – maybe you’re thinking about is the one = the love of my life = boyfriend = hubby

Well, it’s NOT… Recently there are lots of things that happened, issues and a lot of issues and now I learned or I came to my realization with this the One.

Well, I could say that I am lucky enough to both find my “the one”.

The One – The one I love and I know loves me most. (It’s not our topic so I will not focus on this the One)

The One – The One who is proven and tested ika nga nila. 🙂 I am lucky enough that she really do exist. We might not be always in good terms, I quarreled her, I scolded and I nagged but she always stood by my side. Through the darkest to the lightness of my life, she’s been there…

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