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it is within you

We have more battles with our mind, than any conversation / arguments we have with other people.


Just a thought.


The power of little things –

Why my title is not related to the message, im sending you. it’s because i want you to know that your way of touching people’s lives is not by giving them loads of stuff, but you give them little things, which has a bulk of importance that comes with it.

GIVING – not only material, but a portion of your life, your time, your experience, your love. ^_^


Bookworm, traveler, loves to go out on a food trip, and a lifetime friend. That’s how I will describe her, my friend, Charmaine. But that’s not just what you can see in her once you get to know her.


She has a strong foundation in her life, and that’s God. Though many storms passed by her, she still puts up a fighting spirit and a smile that melts your heart. A contagious spirit and attitude that makes you feel protected and secure whenever you’re around her.


We’re just human being, not a superhero who could save you whenever you need help. But Charmaine, whenever she can help, she will do it, no questions asked.


For the three years of friendship with her, I cannot say that I’ve been a good friend, disciple to her, I fail her at some point, because of our differences, as like any other relationships, there would be small fights and misunderstandings.


Love, that’s what kept us together, forgiving each others faults, and looking beyond those differences we have, and just building up each other to be better.


I thank God for your life.


I thank you for making me part of your life, and thru you I saw a whole new world again.


This is just one of my messages for you, on your coming birthday.



Tels 🙂

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