a man who fears the Lord

I desire a man who fears the Lord and puts Him above anything else. Who is dependent on God in everything He does. I know it is rare to find a guy like this one, but I’m placing my trust in the Lord, and wait on His right time.

and someone who can help me in growing our ministry of disciples, in order to fulfills God’s greatest command.

vlcsnap-2014-09-30-07h03m53s83Like this guy, Vanness Wu, who entrusted His life to God, and has even sacrificed his vices, for God to be delighted on him. 

I know that i also have to do my part in order for God to answer my prayers. I pray to be disciplined everyday, to the point that i am also going to be dependent on God. I have to be obedient in His laws.

A man with an awesome testimony on how he was changed by God, will be most inspiring for me, and i find it to be a blessing. 🙂


— i won’t set a time for this, because i want it to be in God’s time.

—– i didn’t know why i wrote this, but i just did, and i think God wants me to give me something, i haven’t had for a long time, someone who would take care of me, because that’s just how God loves us, He sends people who is just right for you, right in a way that it isn’t perfect but, who will go with you through life’s hardships, and will lead you to God more than himself.


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