reflection on my first week

I thank God for this opportunity, with a year of no work (going to office), I can now see myself working regular hours again. This I can say, that what I put in my heart, He gives it in His timing. I really didn’t see myself working for them, though i wished for it in my heart.. for short, I didn’t expected it.

This role that I am about to fill in, is not quite the same, like i regularly do (doing design stuff), I am an all around person now, in the office, meaning, I have to be the assistant, the encoder and such.

I believe that i somehow desired for this kind of work, but as i’ve said, i didn’t expect for it to happen anytime soon.

God did prepared me for what was coming, He knows what I am capable of, though i couldn’t see it in myself, and when God puts you in that situation, He will also equip you. But then again, the deeper side of putting me in that office is to actually be the person that God wants me to be, God will use me for His glory.

So here’s a reflection of the weeks end, i’m still adjusting to the environment, and I pray that i’ll stay rooted everyday to His promises, because I know that when i’m faced with difficulties, the usual defense is to feel worried, weary or tired and all that negative feelings, that aren’t from God.

that’s all! 🙂 thank you for reading. God bless!


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