Leadership Day14-20 of 100

I’m taking this challenge not only as a reminder to myself to be happy, but also for the people around me. I do hope i could help you in a little way 😀



“Remember Augie, everybody got a boss. The vice president reports to the president and the president reports to the CEO. The CEO reports to the chairman of the board and the chairman reports to his wife. All God’s children got a boss. If you want to be a great leader you must also be a great follower.”

1)     Great Followers Seize the Initiative:

2)     Great Followers Create their Own Job:

3)     Great Followers are Coachable:

4)     Great Followers Anticipate:

5)     Great Followers are Great Communicators: 

6)     Great Followers are Goal Driven:

7)     Great Followers Show Don’t Tell: 

8)     Great Followers Earn Trust:

9)     Great Followers Offer Solutions:

10)    Great Followers are Compassionate:

11)    Great Followers are Loyal: 




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