Check. Day 6-9 of 100

I skipped several days of of my 100 days challenge, not because i don’t have anything to write about, but because I needed to reflect on the weeks end.

and this is what i’ve evaluated from myself.

Checking of my heart, what is it that im passionate about?  what is that i want out of each day? will it value the people around you or just YOU?

As i check and evaluate myself, i want to inspire people, i want them to see how Jesus turned my life around. so in that matter, I want to start each day with a promise from God, and share it to other people, it may serve as a reminder to myself and to others.

Be a blessing to others, it may be in the smallest of things, and the big. whatever it is, a simple token of appreciation or a doing a good deed to others will simply show your love for others, as Jesus would’ve done.

Its not always about YOU, be sensitive and considerate of other people.


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