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I have to admit, that I’m experiencing a little difficulty in my freelance work as of the moment, not because the work load is hard, but because my laptop needs upgrading. I pray to God that in His time, he’ll give the desire of my heart. >///<

Or maybe my readers could give a little advice on what laptop to buy? 😀


Thank you. ! God bless.


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there are just times when you don’t want to do anything, although lots of thoughts are coming to your mind. Sometimes, you just don’t know how to execute all of them, or do it one by one. Better off be silent at times, than say what you want to say.

(-_-) #lazy #bodyache

but then again, when you think about it and look at the bigger picture, you can see that you are blessed than you could ever imagine, it’s not the way you want it, but the way God want it to be. 🙂

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