It’s been a year already, and I cannot deny that
my walk with God has definitely been changing me

It’s a hard road indeed,because we are still in
this world, but I want to imply that it is not
hard, because God is with us, He will never
leave nor forsake us, those who love Him. 🙂

I admit, i’ve been a selfish person, and living
a not so balanced life, and also, I find it hard
to let go of the things that I thought is
necessary for my happiness.

I’ve come to see and realize things in God’s
perspective and not mine, i’ve come to realize
that, we cannot depend everything on man,
because as people we make mistakes, and if this
mistake is done, people just gets disappointed,
and all sort of feelings immerse from it. But
with God, you will not feel disappointed, or
rather you won’t feel any of these negative

He will make you feel special and ligthens your
burden on lifes struggles and situations.

I am thankful enough that i’ve been brave to
face this road of truth, I am not perfect, I
make mistakes, but that won’t stop me from
keeping my eyes focused on God.

I can just pray and say that may He strengthen
me and give me lots of patience, the patience
that He has with us, and to just let my heart
pour out what is really inside of it.

I want God to take control of everything, I
won’t let Satan do the talking anymore in my

I wouldn’t be here right now, if it weren’t for
my friends support, who made me realize things,
who had lots of patience with me during my times
a and stuff.

I thank you to these three people who changed my course of life and bringing me back to God. 🙂 You know who you are~


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