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Would You Survive The Apocalypse?


Remember when everyone was going crazy preparing for Y2K (which was preposterous to think that the powers that be would actually allow an addition error on computers to actually screw things up for the entire planet – crippling economies, destroying banking systems, paralyzing communication systems)?  People were buying canned goods, bottled water, dry perishables and some even went as far to buy generators and gasoline to run them. It was quite a frenzy of preparation. But was it enough? For the people who bought water – lets just say they went crazy and bought 5 flats of water. Each flat has 24 water bottles – but a person needs 14 a day (that’s based on the 8 cups of water a day rule – so even being conservative, 7 bottles a day would only mean the water lasts 17 days at that rate). Check out some of the stats on surviving the

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