[Selling] Solar powered charger

For those who are interested in the product that I am selling, yes SELLING, because it is now available. Please do contact me.

This solar powered energy charger is good for on the go people, who left their gadgets half-charged or not charged at all.

– Good for on the go people

– Campers

– Photographers

– Videogrpahers

– and people who likes gadgets.

This is a very helpful tool, because not only you don’t use energy, you also conserve electricity.


1. Solar Panel: 0.55w

2. Li-ion battery: 3.7V 1700mAh

3. Input: 5V 500mA, input socket type: Micro USB

4. Output: 5V500mA, output socket type: USB A

5. Switch: flash light – SOS Signal – panel light – 50% brightness – off

6. flash light: 1W, 100lm Lumens

7. Panel light: 1W, 100lm Lumens

8. One day sun charging for 2~5Hrs flashlight or panel lighting time, support 1 hour cell phone charging time

9. Charger mobile phone;

Charge Iphone 3G, 3GS, Iphone4, IPAD and IPOD’s by IPOD USB cable

10. Protect function: Over charging, over discharging, over current, short circuit

11. Li-ion battery span life: 500 circles; LED span life: 50,000Hrs; solar panel span life: more than 5 years

12. Size: 74mm*13mm*25mm

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