javascript is used to be called livescript back in the 1995.
– programming language, weak type, dynamic and interpreted.

Interpreted – source code can be run using the interpreter.(compiled)
dynamic – no need for types(weak)
              – number, boolean and string.

weak typing – it allows you to mix match codes.


data types and variables declarations

  1. Number
  2. Boolean
  3. String
  4. Array
  5. Object
  6. Function
  7. undefined
  8. null

Number – 10,2, 100(integers), 2.3, 1.2(floats) are numbers. JS does not discriminate whether it is of integral  or float type. There’s more; hex or oct.


s = “Hello:; (part of the global context)
var s = “Hello”; declaring a variable


ECMA – reference implementation

from now on, i’ll be posting about javascript in this blog, so that i will have my own documentation of what we have discussed in the training.


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